We have over ten years experience in the field of communication planning, consulting services and software development. Hundreds of websites and publications constitute our rich and colourful past. A dozen national campaigns and software development projects strengthen our reputation nationally, as well as internationally. Our dreams and ideas generate continuous innovations… for a more colourful and interesting show.

Creative Elements

Uniform elements that capture the essence of a company's image and the coherent and harmonized use of its marketing tools are the keys to the business communication. Our extensive analysis and precise execution serve all occurring demands throughout the entire work process, whether the project requires corporate identity design, marketing counselling, or a communication campaign.


We see technology as a tool to ensure quality. Our graphic designers, highly qualified developers and account managers implement our clients' dreams and aims into practice. We are continuously educating ourselves in order to provide the best solutions to our clients.


worklike reality

Multipoly presents the multinational accountancy and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers operating in Hungary. Players of the virtual reality participate in the online world of PwC as trainees, working for a year at the company.
The one year professional traineeship is divided in four quarters, with different objectives defined for the players in each quarter. They must attend trainings, join a community, negotiate with clients, and solve numerous exciting tasks.


university simulation game

The Uniface online student recruitment game represents the virtual world of the University of Pécs (UP). This reality provides useful information to high school students before university application, helps in preparing for the high school final examinations and allows them a real university experience. Players of the game feel to be students of the UP and they are allowed to have an insight look of every segment of university life.

"One million steps in Hungary"

facebook game

"One million steps in Hungary" is a quiz game that guides players on virtual hiking routes. Meanwhile players gain information connected to the Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. and its trade mark owners, and also test their general knowledge. Hiking routes pass all over Hungary. Each route consist of several stops and between stops players are put in different situations they have to manage.

Ketch me up

facebook game

"Ketch me up" is a game in which players become actors of virtual love affairs. Players can select their character from archetypes of men and women with whom they wish to build a relationship. Three ways of "seduction" is offered: taking the partner to a programme, buying presents and finally gender touches and compliments. The players selection of the above means may result in deep love or – choosing the wrong strategy – just the opposite...



Cool website for cool people! The website, its target audience is young motorsport fans, presents the services of a motocross ring, which can be found near Pécs in a green environment, with spectacular graphic elements and modern technical solutions. The website features a weather forecast, as well.

It's your turn!

Schooling Campaign of Dennis Gabor College

Our company was responsible for the campaign of Dennis Gabor College in 2012/2013. A synergy of traditional and modern communication elements have realized in the campaign: beside citylights, newspaper advertisements and radio spots a mobile application had a significant role. The game featured both graphical and game play elements from the main graphical concept but also had a question and answer part utilizing both knowledge and skill of the player. The most exciting and most spectacular campaign element was a unique flashmob event. During the campaign our company was dealing with the management of the college's facebook page.

Google Play

Pécsi Brewery


Pécs Brewery is the oldest continuously working brewery of Hungary. The brewery’s brands are produced to the claims of the 21th century. Our company was responsible for creating the website, which presents the brewery’s history and it’s working. On the website the visitors have the possibility to browse in the brewery’s drink supply with the help of spectacular graphic elements!

Találd fel magad!

Schooling Campaign of University of Pécs

The schooling campaign 2012/2013 was the fifth project for the University of Pécs. The campaign was realized with modern technical solutions. Beside a knowledge based online Facebook game prospective students had the opportunity to test their knowledge on a tablet game. Potential students were helped by a mobile application which provided them among others with information about faculties and entrance exam. The application featured a calendar containing dates of the university's most interesting programmes. The application had a competence test and a knowledge based quiz, as well.

Google Play

Go to Pécs!

mobile application

Our tourist mobile application 'Go to Pécs!'offers spectacles of the town, outlines the various gastronomic places and provides information about different accommodation opportunitites. Numerous virtual pedestrian routes help the visitors to explore the town. The application also features a useful programme guide function. Besides offering a summary of various attractions the software also offers different map functions, which help in the orientation. The application is available for iOS and Android.


the migration game

The aim of the game ‘Immigropoly’ is that the player passes his or her selected African character to Europe through different routes. During the adventure we can get to know useful information about the different cities, African landscapes, immigration and about the immigration policy of the European Union. The players participate in random situations, reply to quiz questions while their knowledge is continuously expanded.